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Race Day Preparation: Here’s What To Do Before A Race

14th March 2023

14th March 2023

By Beth Shelper

It’s that time again! Race season is coming up, so it’s time to start thinking about that all-important race day prep if you haven’t already.

There are a range of things to consider pre-race, and it’s not all about the day before prep. You need to start getting serious about a long-distance race weeks and months in advance, so if you’re reading this and have a race day coming up, it might be time to get planning!  

From the what’s; what to eat, what to wear, what to listen to, to the how to’s: how to stretch, how to train and how to prepare as a whole, we weren’t kidding when we said there was a lot to consider in terms of race day preparation.

We’ve broken our race day preparation guide into three stages: race day preparation one month before a race, one week before a race and one day before a race, in an attempt to help as many people in as many stages of their race day preparation journey as possible.

How to prepare for a race

With your trusty recovery companion, The Recover Capsules in tow, it’s well and truly time to get prepped. Here’s everything you need to know about preparing for race day.

How to prepare for a race the month before

With a month to go before race day, there’s still plenty of time, so don’t panic.

How to train before a race

If you’re not happy with your current training plan, it’s time to do some research and work out what is best for you, your ability and race experience at this point in the prep.

Whether you opt for HIIT techniques such as fartlek training or want to improve your strength and opt for weight training, your race day journey is up to you. It’s also a great idea, if you can, to invest in a trained professional or personal trainer to tailor a plan to your goals.

What to eat before a race

Next up, nutrition.

Make sure that you’re following a healthy, balanced diet, and have cut out (or greatly reduced) and processed sugar, alcohol and foods that are high in fat or salt. Up your carbohydrate and protein intake, as you’re going to need all of the energy and strength you can get your hands on!

How to prepare for a race the week before

As the days countdown and get closer to race day, it’s important to stay calm and focused. This week can make or break your training, so it’s important to take it steady to avoid any potential injury that will throw you off.

On the flip side, though, make sure not to stop all of your training all together, it’s time to keep the pace up, people!

Here are our 5 top tips for preparing for a race the week before race day:

  • Give your body the nutrients it needs
  • Remember to take your rest days
  • Warm up and warm down, every single time
  • Don’t try anything new, stick to what you know
  • Switch up your distances and keep things interesting

How to prepare for a race the day before

This is the time for all the last-minute prep to come into play – and we’re not talking about training prep.

Get your race day clothes ready, make sure your devices are charged, your bag is packed, and your lucky pants are ready and waiting… if that’s your kind of thing.

Here are our 5 top tips for preparing for a race the day before a race:

  • It’s time to carb up! Opt for meals with plenty of carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta or potato based dishes.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Organise your race number and kit
  • Stick to your training schedule
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of rest

Remember to stay positive, and if pre-race nerves start to hit, it’s a great idea to envision your goals. Picture yourself crossing that finishing line, hitting that personal best, and collecting your end of race medal. It all helps!

How to prepare for a race the night before

All of your training is now complete. Whether you like it or not (and we hope you do), the time has come, and there’s nothing more you can do. The hard preparations are over!

There’s only one key piece of advice when it comes to preparing the night before a race: rest. Rest and sleep. Get to bed early, run-through a relaxing routine, and definitely don’t run. Keep it chilled and relaxed.

Watch something you love with a loved one, listen to your favourite playlist, have a relaxing bubble bath… or all of the above, if you like! Treat yourself. You deserve it.


The common phrase “nothing new on race day” really rings true here. When it gets to the big day, stick to what you know and trust yourself.

You’ve put the training in, you know the drill. Now it’s just you and the finishing line.

Good luck!

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