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    30th November 2016

    30th November 2016

    By Shivraj Bassi

    We love a partnership and we were invited by the team at CYC:D to support their official launch event over the weekend! It was an absolutely amazing turnout and great to see so many happy faces.


    CYC:D is a boutique fitness studio offering a unique combination of complementary group workouts. Life is not about standing still, and CYC:D are always on the move, sourcing the best instructors, using the best technology and providing a fitness experience which challenges the norms. Their class schedule is designed to fit with your lifestyle and make it as easy as possible for you to get to the class you want, whenever you want. All classes can be booked quickly and easily online. They keen things simple. No contracts, just buy your credits, book in and work out.

    A range of our products will be available at their spanking new boutique fitness studio. Things just got real in Haslemere! They're walking distance from the station so check them out - they offer spinning, yoga, barre, pilates, HIIT and much more including a selection of our amazing nutritional products! Book a class and ask the team how Innermost can help support your goals.

    Featured in the image above are The Strong Protein, The Health Protein, The Recover Capsules, The Tone Capsules and The Energy Booster.

    Click here to visit CYC:D website before you drop by and make sure you tell them we sent you.

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