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7 Yoga And Exercise Mats To Take Your Home Workouts To The Next Level

18th December 2020

18th December 2020

By Shivraj Bassi

Your living room might not look anything like your favourite yoga studio, but in lockdown, we have to make the best of what we have. 

When gyms and studios are closed, it’s more important than ever to keep up your exercise regime to ensure that your mind and body stays healthy and happy. 

Whether you use a workout mat to practise your vinyasa flow or as a low-impact surface for sit ups, having a good mat can be the difference between smashing your next personal best or lying on the sofa watching Netflix. 

Mats play an important role in exercising. The soft, grippy surface protects your joints, keeps you stable and steady and most importantly of all, means you don’t have to stare at the carpet you forgot to vacuum this week when you’re perfecting your burpee technique. 

The best yoga mat for you will depend on your body, needs and preferences. Do you need something with extra grip? Are you likely to be carrying the mat to the park for a change of scenery? Do you like smooth or textured surfaces?

At Innermost we’re experts on the best kind of exercise mat for your needs, and we’ve sourced some great options for every preference and budget. 

It’s time to give your home gym a makeover. 

Best all-rounder yoga mat

Sweaty Betty Super Grip Yoga Mat


This bestseller sold out during the first lockdown of 2020, which goes some way to demonstrate just how popular it is. Made of natural latex, it’s soft, lightweight and very, very grippy. It’s easy to store as well as being easy on the eyes. 

Dimensions: 183cm x 62cm wide, 4mm thick.

Most affordable yoga mat

Viavito Leviato 6mm Yoga Mat With Carry Strap

If you’re a beginner yogi, on a budget or just want something that will get the job done without being too expensive, this mat is a great choice. It comes in six colours, is 6mm thick so feels pleasantly cushioned and has grip that will hold you securely in downward dog. 

Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm wide, 6mm thick.

Best personalised yoga mat

Personalised Yoga Mat Rainbow Design With Funky Font Initials

Are you the kind of athlete who lives for their Instagram posts? Give your followers something new to talk about with this personalised pastel mat. It’s high quality and completely customisable. One for people who like to lead, not follow. 

Dimensions: 63 cm x 180 cm, 4mm thick

Best exercise mat for grip

Paws Natural Rubber Extreme Grip Yoga

Always find yourself slipping during your workout? This mat is designed to be exceptionally grippy, which is especially useful for hot yoga or HIIT workouts. The alignment printed on the mat is also useful for keeping your form top notch. 

Dimensions: 180 cm x 66 cm, 4 mm thick

Most lightweight yoga mat

Carry Onwards Mat

While no-one is doing much travelling right now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to take your yoga mat to the park for a workout with a change of scenery, or that you won’t want to travel with it in the future. Ultra-portable, it folds up to an unobtrusive square. 

Dimensions: 66cm x 180cm wide, 2mm thick. 

Best eco-friendly yoga mat

B MAT 4mm Everyday Ocean Green

Made with 100% eco-friendly rubber, this mat is both non-toxic and slip-resistant. This mat lets you feel both secure and sustainable. 

Dimensions: 180 cm x 66 cm, 4mm thick

Most comfortable exercise mat

Light Gentle Yoga Mat Club 5mm - Coral

For gentle souls, this soft and supportive mat is a comfortable way to get your workout in. Especially effective for gentle yoga practises, it’s also useful if you’re working your way through injuries. 

Dimensions: 185cm x 61cm wide, 5mm thick.

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