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It’s All About Upcycling: Five Ways To Reuse Your Innermost Capsule Jars

12th January 2022

12th January 2022

By Beth Shelper

  1. The year of upcycling – we’re calling it now.

In celebration of sustainability, and as part of our collaborative efforts to continually maximise our eco-conscious efforts as a brand, we’re making the switch. What switch, you ask? The plastic to glass switch, of course. It’s time to ditch the plastic jars that house our capsule collections and swap for a recyclable, up-cyclable glass alternative.

The switch is a bit of a no-brainer for us, really. Not only is glass more sustainable, it means that we can get creative when it comes to our recycling. Gone are the days when you just chuck out your capsule jars for recycling pick up – the lives of our capsule jars aren’t destined to stop there.

Glass jar uses are definitely not few and far between – to be honest, the possibilities are endless. So let’s get into our glass jar craft ideas, talk about how to recycle glass jars, and get the sustainable fun started. Glass jar recycling is nothing new, but we’re bringing a fresh face to the glass jar craft community – one capsule jar at a time.

Upcycling is the name of the game. And it’s time to play!

Inenrmost’s favourite ways to upcycle

Upcycling doesn’t have to be ugly. But we understand that sometimes, you need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to reusing your household and beauty items.

Never fear – Innermost is here!

  1. Pen or pencil pot

Our capsule jars are a little on the smaller side, so they would be perfect for your desk. Pens, pencils – you name it, your capsule jar can hold it. Get organised and live sustainably by reusing glass jars such as our capsule jars for organisational tools like this one (and show off that you’ve been taking care of your health and taking your health and wellness supplements, too).

Depending on the capsule jar you have – why not collect them all? Pokémon style.

  1. Spice jar

For all the foodies and Chefs amongst us, our capsule jars are the perfect size to store your herbs and spices. Whether you use multiple jars to create a uniquely styled, fitness-inspired spice rack, or create a spice mix to store in an individual jar for your ease and convenience when cooking up some tasty chicken wings, the choice is yours.

Sustainable and convenient – who can argue with that?

  1. Plant pot

If, like us, your kitchen (or bedroom) resembles a bit of a forest from your collection of plants, why not spice up your pot collection with an upcycled capsule jar from Innermost?

Perfect for your seedlings, cuttings and even cacti, the capsule jars are the perfect size for those extra plants that you’re trying to sneak past your flat mate because you’ve already bought too many this month. We got you.

They can’t argue if you’re recycling and doing your bit to save the planet – right?

  1. Candle holder

There’s nothing quite like cleaning your room, apartment or home from top to bottom and then lighting a nice warm candle, right? Why not save on your purchases, grab some tealights and let your Innermost capsule jar do the rest.

Place the candle jars on your shelf, mantle piece, windowsill, bedside table or even out in the garden (when that very much missed sunshine comes back) and kick back and relax – you know you deserve it.

  1. Good old fashioned recycling

If you’re not on the upcycling hype – don’t worry. You don’t have to be into glass jar crafts to do your bit for the environment. Just make sure that rather than chucking these capsule jars in the general waste, you’re using the glass recycling.

Not sure how to recycle glass jars? Check your local system, but just ensure that you’re separating your materials. It’s that easy!


If you’re making one change this year: make it a sustainable one. It’s up to every single one of us (and companies, too) to make sure that they’re doing their bit to improve our sustainability, up the recycling efforts and play a part in the effort to become a more eco-conscious society.

Whilst switching from plastic jars to glass ones is just one of the steps we’re taking here at Innermost to improve our sustainability, we feel that it’s a great step in the right direction, and can’t wait for you to join us on this journey with your upcycling ideas.

Talking of – we’d love to see them! Whether you take inspiration from one of the above ideas, let us know your glass jar craft ideas. Head on over to Instagram and tag us @liveinnermost to show off your ideas and glass jar uses – we’d love to see them.

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