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Introducing Nutritionist Consultations

26th October 2023

26th October 2023

At Innermost, we believe that being healthier shouldn’t have to be so complicated. We also appreciate that it can be a challenge given the sheer amount of fads, gimmicks and contradictory advice that exists within the wellness space.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch our nutritionist consultation service. These consultations will give people the opportunity to speak with an expert to seek advice about their specific concerns or wellness goals. Alongside our science-backed nutritional supplements, this offering is another way Innermost is helping people cut through the confusion and take control of their health.

Need some guidance with respect to your nutrition choices? We've assembled a team of experts to help you strip back your health goals (or offer guidance on what they should be) and figure out what you need to do to reach them healthily, and sustainably. No fads, no gimmicks and no BS.

Book a 15 or 45 minute appointment, or take our online quiz if you're pressed for time, to get personalised health insights and tailored supplement recommendations from people that know nutrition best.

Our nutritionists bring honesty, clarity and transparency to your questions, with the goal of making your nutrition choices as accessible as possible. Honest and practical advice that leaves you feeling more confident about what you need to do, and doesn't require you to have a phD to understand.

Meet The Expert

Hannah Belsham (MSc)

Hannah Belsham is a resident nutrition and health coach at Innermost. Hannah's interest and passion for nutrition began during her BSc degree in Sport & Exercise Science at Loughborough University, where she gained a keen interest in biochemistry and the crucial role nutrition plays in athletic performance and physical health. This led her to pursue a MSc degree in the Physiology and Nutrition of Sport and Exercise, where she further honed her knowledge and skills.

At Innermost, Hannah works closely with clients to provide nutrition consultations. She also conducts research and stays up to date on the latest health science. In addition to her work at Innermost, Hannah is an avid gym-goer who enjoys trialling new tasty recipes in the kitchen. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and frequently writes articles and gives talks on various health-related topics.

Go-to breakfast: Protein porridge! (With smooth peanut butter and blueberries).

Favourite way to de-stress: Going to the gym and getting a sweat on, taking a mindfulness walk around the block, or just talking it out with my friends and family.

A health myth you’d like to bust? All fat is bad fat!

Worst health fad you’ve heard? Placing a couple of electrodes on your stomach can magic up a 6-pack.

Favourite Innermost product: The Strong Protein (creamy vanilla!).

To book a consultation, click here.

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