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The Muscle Collection - a range of nutritional supplement developed by Innermost
The Muscle Collection - a range of nutritional supplement developed by Innermost
Charlie Auterac modelling for Innermost
The Muscle Collection - a range of nutritional supplement developed by Innermost
Sophie Apollonia modelling for Innermost
The Strong Protein powder
The Recover Capsules

The Muscle Collection

You have the power.

Save money with our Collections. All the products from our Muscle range in a convenient bundle along with an Innermost shaker bottle. Use dropdown below to choose your protein flavour.

The Muscle Collection

Creamy vanilla flavoured protein.

Currently out of stock due to high demand

The Muscle Collection

Smooth chocolate flavoured protein.

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Product Highlights

Active Ingredients

For every serving of The Strong Protein: Protein (31g), Casein, Creatine Monohydrate (3g), Montmorency Cherries (300mg), Bilberries (250mg), Magnesium (200mg).

For every serving of The Power Booster: Creatine Monohydrate (5g).

For every serving of The Recover Capsules: Maca (1g), ZMA (150mg), Chocamine (60mg), Ubiquinone CoQ10 (25mg), Selenium (50ug), Vitamin D (1000IU).

Per: 40g 100g
Energy 620 kJ 1,551 kJ
Calories 147 kcal 367 kcal
Protein 34g 85g
Carbohydrates 0.8g 2.1g
of which sugars 0.8g 2.1g
Fats 1.1g 2.8g
of which saturates 0.3g 0.8g
Dietary fibre 1.6g 4.1g
Sodium 0.07g 0.18g

Allergens: Milk (whey). 
Other ingredients: Natural flavours only. Guar gum, which is a GMO-free, gluten-free, natural fibre that comes from the guar bean to give our shakes a creamy texture. We use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin, which is the only kind of lecithin that can be obtained raw and chemical-free using a cold press system similar to that used with olive oil. We use sucralose as it is the most widely tested low-calorie sweetener and approved by all major food standard agencies in the world.

How And When To Use

The Strong Protein: A must-have post-workout refuel to be taken ideally within 45 minutes of exercise or as a nutritious drink to help meet your daily nutrient needs. Best served cold. Directions: Add up to 40g (4 scoops) to 250-350ml of water or milk and shake. Adjust amount of liquid for your desired level of sweetness and thickness. Can also be used to make smoothies and baked into healthy snacks.

The Power Booster: To be taken during your day, once a day. Use continuously for up to 8 weeks before discontinuing for 1 week and then repeating. Directions: Mix 5g (1 rounded teaspoon) with around 100ml water or juice in your Innermost shaker bottle, or simply add 5g to your pre or post-workout protein shake.

The Recover Capsules: Take 2 capsules daily after exercise or before you go to sleep.

I struggle to build muscle…

Finding a well-rounded solution to gaining strength and building muscle isn’t all that easy. It can be hard to know which products are right for you, and which ones work best together to give you the results you’re looking for.

That’s why we created The Muscle Collection. Combining three of our muscle and strength-focused products, The Muscle Collection is your all-in-one solution to helping you reach your goals. Featuring The Strong Protein, The Power Booster and The Recover Capsules, this one will have you feeling stronger than ever in no time.

Innermost is awarded The Game Changer Award. The sands are shifting in the supplements industry. One brand stands out most, Innermost. We now expect more from our supplement products and Innermost is well ahead of the curve.

It’s what’s inside that matters.

All the products from our Muscle range in a convenient bundle along with an Innermost shaker bottle.

The Strong Protein
Protein won’t automatically give you muscles. We had to be smarter than that, so we added incredible ingredients to this protein blend to help you push yourself harder, reduce inflammation, and speed up recovery so you can get stronger, faster. Formulated to maximise muscle growth, strength and power output. Get on the road to making gains.

The Power Booster
The reason that creatine monohydrate is the most popular sports supplement in the world is because everyone agrees that it works. The go-to product for athletes and gym-goers looking to increase power, strength and speed. Perfect for high-intensity training. Take your workout to the next level.

The Recover Capsules
Rest and recovery are important but often overlooked. We wanted to fix that. These nootropic capsules contain research-backed ingredients that support the recovery process, reduce inflammation, and regulate hormone activity. Get back to doing what you do best.

Innermost Shaker Bottle
600ml Tritan, BPA-free, multi-purpose shaker bottle. Screw top lid, carry handle and stainless steel whisking ball. For use as a protein shaker, a bottle for your pre/intra-workout drink or simply as a water bottle to help you stay hydrated.

Made for you.

We spent time finding out what you care most about when it comes to your health and fitness. We then turned to cutting-edge science and research, as well as best practices from Ayurvedic and Asian medicine, to create products that would give you the results you told us you were looking for. Free from additives, artificial colours, fillers and GMO nasties.

I’ve been using different proteins over the years but this is the best I have tasted. No powdery aftertaste and it mixes really well with both water and milk. Nice creamy milkshake. The Power Booster mixes well with no lumps. The Recover Capsules are easy to swallow. Great products! Will I buy again? YES.

Darran H, Verified Customer

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amazing protein

Really tasty, mixes well without needing a blender. Prefer with milk but still enjoyable with water.

Great service, great product

Everything arrived on time and as expected. The products are high quality, the protein is a particular favourite, good quality, mixes well and tastes good. Would recommend.

Best protein

Great combo to get and just the best protein on the market! I have use diffrent brands for some time but for the last 2 years it has been just innermost. Great products and a big thank you to the innermost team!

Best protein

Been using different proteins over the years this is the best I have tasted, no powder after taste mixes really well both water and milk . Nice creamy milkshake.
Creatine mixes well no lumps.
Recovery pills are easy to swallow.
Great products ! Will buy again ? YES

Great product

Great bunch of products, nice tasting protein

Good service and high quality products

Really good service and high quality products. Deliver on time and a good experience enjoying the products.