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    What are the benefits of bilberries?

    23rd April 2017

    Bilberries otherwise known as European blueberries are packed with antioxidants and powerful compounds called anthocyanins, which are compounds in the flavonoid family of polyphenol phytochemicals.

    These compounds are said to be responsible for various health benefits including potential improvements to cardiovascular health and glucose control. They can also reduce inflammation by combating oxidative stress, which is particularly helpful for reducing the muscle soreness you feel after exercise.

    While research is ongoing, it’s suggested that anthocyanins could even help inhibit the development of serious diseases, and could also potentially limit or even reverse age-dependent deteriorations in memory and cognition.

    For all those reasons, bilberries can be found in several of the Innermost Proteins: The Strong Protein, The Health Protein and The Lean Protein