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Olga Naumova / Q&A
Olga aka Umka is a ASICS Frontrunner and a professional skydiver based in Dubai. When she is not jumping out of planes, Umka enjoys Canopy Piloting and inspiring woman to be cur... Read more
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Zoe Woodward / Q&A
Favourite Innermost Products The Health Protein and The Detox Booster After 15 years in the corporate rat race, Zoe Woodward aka Aloha and Coffee, left her professional caree... Read more
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Taofique Folarin / Q&A
Favourite Innermost Products The Health Protein and The Energy Booster Taofique has worked professionally on stage and Television for over 15 years. His experience as a dance... Read more
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F45 Tottenham Court Road|
Innermost ambassadors Mike and Amy are joint owners of F45 Tottenham Court Road and huge supporters of Innermost. Always focused on putting in the work and maintaining an attitu... Read more
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Stephen Adjaidoo Q&A
Stephen is a qualified running coach and founder of LDN Brunch Club, a community of runners who train collectively in a supportive environment. Each run finishes with brunch som... Read more
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Burn Strength Yoga
We met Kirsty Raynor and Alice Rickard for the first time at an event at partner studio F45 Tottenham Court Road. One thing led to another and we ending up supporting them at on... Read more
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Robyn Marsh
Robyn is the red-headed northern lass with the big hair and an even bigger personality that you'll have seen if you've dropped by our partner studio 1Rebel for a workout. We sat... Read more
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Nik Naidoo
Nik graduated with a degree in Philosophy and went straight into a 9-5 career in Sports Marketing. After a rollercoaster few years, he's now a Trainer at Ministry Does Fitness a... Read more
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working out with dumbells for innermost
Lauren knows... s’all about the form. Based in New York, Lauren turned her passion for health and fitness into a profession. Here she is explaining why she can’t resist the odd ... Read more
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Claire Fountain Ambassador
Claire Fountain otherwise known by her social media handle CB Quality, is a good friend of Innermost and also one of the most exciting yoga talents around today. Her unique appr... Read more
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Bethany Duckworth / Q&A
Bethany is an L3 personal trainer from London and someone who has supported Innermost from the very beginning. Yep, we don't forget things like that. We had to sit down with her... Read more
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Adell Bridges
Adell strongly believes that yoga is for everyone regardless of age, body shape, physical ability, or lifestyle, and she's passionate about sharing her love of it with everyone!... Read more
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Dan Morgan with Innermost|The Health Plus|The Strong One|the fit collection by innermost|the health collection by innermost
Dan is a full-time yoga teacher based in the UK who aims to help people find balance in their lives through his focus on the physical and mental benefits of health and fitness. ... Read more
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Ornagh doing gymnastics and crossfit exercises for Innermost|The Fit Plus|The Fit One
Ornagh is a coach on the Crossfit European Gymnastic seminar team and widely regarded as being the premier CrossFit specific Gymnastics coach in Ireland. We sat down with her to... Read more
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jumping in nike for innermost|The Strong Plus
A leading personal trainer with 10 years of experience, Lawrence takes a disconcerting amount of pleasure from making people feel close to death. We sat down with him to find ou... Read more
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suleman style guide by innermost|The Lean One
Friend of Innermost and fashion icon in the making, Sul is also big into health and fitness. We had a chance to sit down with him and ask a bunch of questions. Now if only he'd ... Read more
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elisa rossi cooks for innermost|The Health One|cooking amazing dishes with innermost
Elisa suffered a severe case of adult acne after coming off the contraceptive pill. Her transition to a mostly plant-based diet proved to be a turning point for her skin and ove... Read more
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amazing yoga stretch for innermost
Sarah was inspired to take up yoga after visiting her grandfather in California and seeing his clean-living lifestyle. She's now a yoga teacher, and her concept, SALA, is built ... Read more
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building some muscle for innermost
Matt was really into bodybuilding, but discovered that focusing so much on what his body looked like wasn't the healthiest thing. We caught up with him to find out how he now st... Read more
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nicky clinch cooks for innermost
Nicky was born and raised in Hong Kong surrounded by amazing smells, colours, exotic tastes and people, wet markets, fresh food and ancient Chinese wisdom. Today she works as a ... Read more
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best yoga stretch for innermost
Jake's first loves were rock climbing and art. He later managed to combine the physical and creative through yoga. We caught up with him to find out more and learnt that he may ... Read more
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laura ruthnum in great shape for innermost
In the words of Sir Mixalot, "Baby got back!" Laura fell in love with dance aged 3 before training in ballet and contemporary. Now a personal trainer in London, she sat down wit... Read more
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adam husler yoga handstand for innermost
Need some more Zen in your life? Not a problem. Adam got into yoga as a way to correct muscle imbalances developed after years of weight-lifting and boxing. He sat down with Inn... Read more
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pascale falempin does pilates for innermost
Time to flex it out with Pascale. Pascale trained in ballet before coming across Pilates. Today she's based in London and helps people live their lives to the fullest through he... Read more
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