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Nootropics & Adaptogens: The Low-down
The importance of mental wellbeing and performance has become ever more prominent, with mindfulness exercises and "brain training" soaring in popularity as a result. But did you... Read more
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Innermost + Men's Health Awards 2019
We are pleased to announce that The Energy Booster by Innermost has just been awarded Best Pre-Workout by Men's Health in their 2019 Sports Nutrition Awards!  Read more
  • Innermost
Live Well London 2019
Innermost is proud to announce that we will be head sponsors at brand new health, wellbeing and fitness festival Live Well London, taking place at Billingsgate Market between 1 ... Read more
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woman rising from bed with hands in the air feeling energised
Wellness is as individual as your fingertips, and means something different to everyone. With this in mind, Live Well London, a 3 day celebration of wellness, nutrition, emotion... Read more
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Get Sweaty With Your Other Half
Couples that train together... You know the rest. If you’re feeling loved up this Val day, or fancy the most intimate, bare-all first date ever, why not try out one of these wo... Read more
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Innermost + Selfridges
This January we touched down in the one and only Selfridges London! Head down to the Foodhall now to pick up any of our Boosters: The Power Booster, The Energy Booster, The Deto... Read more
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5 Tips To Improve Your Run With Lorna Jane
If you’re looking to start or continue with running as a form of exercise, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the edge of death, you should check out the 5 t... Read more
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Olga Naumova / Q&A
Olga aka Umka is a ASICS Frontrunner and a professional skydiver based in Dubai. When she is not jumping out of planes, Umka enjoys Canopy Piloting and inspiring woman to be cur... Read more
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