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The Top Skin Boosting Ingredients In Innermost Products Revealed

7th October 2021

7th October 2021

By Beth Shelper

With the latest skincare trends, and in celebration of The Glow Booster launching here at Innermost soon, it seems like you need about fifty-six different products to make up the perfect skin routine. Whilst those products would look pretty, all lined up on your dressing table, this won’t necessarily be effective. Sorry about that. Your bank account will thank us, though. Hear us out... 

The good news is that some of the best ingredients for skin are naturally occurring. The even better news is that they are included in some of our products here at Innermost (like The Detox Booster), which means you can gain benefits in your fitness performance and your skincare all at the same time!

As a result it's likely that you're already benefiting your skin from your day-to-day diet and your inclusion of our supplementations in your routine, but if not, it's important to get in-the-know when it comes to natural skincare ingredients to look for... 

Prioritising nutrition for clear skin

Nutrition and skin are intrinsically linked. Fact.

So, when searching for natural ingredients to add into your skincare routine, we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for any anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating ingredients, too. One of the biggest influences on your skin’s health is your diet (everything is linked to gut health, after all) so ensuring that you are maintaining a health diet that prioritises skin-friendly foods and ingredients is paramount.

What ingredients are you talking about Innermost? Well, here are our top three skincare ingredients to look for (and that feature as Innermost ingredients for skincare)…

Innermost’s top skincare ingredients to look for

To make your life a little easier, here are our favourite skincare ingredients to look for that features in our award-winning products…

Natural ingredient 1: Vitamin C

Known for boosting antioxidant levels, Vitamin C is found in The Tone Capsules, citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, and vegetables such as bell peppers. Like we said, nutrition and skin go hand in hand.

Vitamin C is one of nature’s best skincare ingredients. Famed by the skincare community and dermatologists for its sun damage repairing abilities and protection capabilities, hydrating properties and age reduction benefits, and by us here at Innermost for its ability to repair body tissue, Vitamin C really is a wonder ingredient.

It’s definitely one of our top skincare ingredients to look for.

Natural Innermost ingredient 2: Caffeine

Regularly included in face masks as a weekly exfoliant, surprisingly, caffeine (when not consumed in excess, of course) can have some great skincare benefits.

Found in The Energy Booster, caffeine not only gives you an extra boost of energy to smash your daily workout but has been found to reduce the effects of wrinkles and brighten your skin by stimulating blood flow to achieve that fresh glow everyone is searching for. Who knew?

Natural Innermost ingredient 3: Green Tea Extract

Often used topically, but also hugely popular for its active ingredients such as polyphenols which hold great anti-aging properties, green tea extract is one of the most talked about ingredients in the natural skincare game. And it’s not hard to see why.

Found in The Detox Booster, green tea extract benefits are extensive, making it one of our top skincare ingredients to look for. We included green tea extract in The Detox Booster as green tea is widely considered one of the healthiest drinks in the world, and the ingredient has a whole lot of benefits that comes with that title, including:


When it comes to skincare, dietary supplementations, and anything to do with your health and wellness, natural is key. Take a look at your existing skincare collection and see what products you own already contain these award-winning ingredients. If not, it may be time to renew!

 PS… Keep your eyes peeled. You may have been keen enough to spot us mention our new, up-and-coming product launch. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your skincare routine (aside from of course, the products we mentioned above) then this launch is for you.

Think glowing skin, all-natural ingredients and delicious flavour. You won’t want to miss this.

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