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Get Sweaty With Your Other Half

14th February 2019

14th February 2019

By Catherine Hargreaves

Whether you’re feeling loved up this Val day, or fancy the most intimate, bare-all first date ever, we've put together a list of the best workouts this Valentine's day. Why not try out one of these together to get your pump on before you hit dinner hard later?

Paired Workouts: F45

Take it from the power couple Mike and Amy, owners of F45 Tottenham Court Road and long-time lovers themselves or Cam and Dani, recently engaged owners of F45 Paddington: nothing beats a workout with the person you fancy most.

With a number of different classes that involve pair work (try our favourite, workout ‘22’, if you love cardio as much as bae), you’ll be sweating together in no time (actually almost instantly... it’s insane).

Dance Fitness: BodyWorksWest

Get your groove on before breakfast at BWW’s Street Dance fitness class to get those endorphins f l o wing. This is your chance to show off those skills – it’s the mating call of 2019, with way more sass. Plus you’ll have all the moves sorted for when you hit the bars together after dinner later on...

Couples' Therapy: BLOK

You were craving Black Mirror whilst they wouldn’t watch anything but Game of Thrones? Ended up browsing Netflix for an hour in search of compromise before giving up and going to bed? We’ve been there - it’s awkward. Get that tension out in the ring and feel better than ever again; there’s a reason they call it the couples’ therapy of the exercise world. And there’s no better place to do it than at boxing titan BLOK.

Hot Yoga: Fitness Space

Turn up the heat and sweat it out together at Fitness Space’s Hot Yoga classes, designed to boost your flexibility by making your muscles more ‘limber’ in the humid conditions. Come out feeling zen – sweaty, but zen – and a whole lot more flexible. Might come in handy...

Ride with your Ride or Die: Digme 

Take your relationship up a few gears with Digme’s super hot spinning class Ride. Using data tracking software to analyse your performance during the class, you’ll be able to see who’s the real cycle champ, and who’s going to be left picking up the tab this evening.

Beating Hearts: Sweat It

Get those hearts racing for the second (third? fourth?) time today at Sweat It’s Heart and Hustle class. A chest and back focussed work out sure to get your blood flowing. 

Be sure to grab your date an Innermost shake at the bar after any of these classes to show them you’re the real deal. We partner with all the studios listed above. 

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