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    28th January 2017

    Selenium for Innermost

    28th January 2017

    By Shivraj Bassi

    Found in The Recover Capsules (as well as Brazil nuts), selenium is a trace element essential to health and well-being. While further research is required, it also holds promise in the war against chronic conditions including low-testosterone, infertility and dementia.


    Selenium is a mineral found in the soil but can also be found naturally in water, meat, brazil nuts and fish. It was first recognised as having an essential biological function in the 1950s. Since then further research has been carried out giving a better understanding of the role this important compound plays in our health and well-being.

    What is selenium?

    Selenium is stored largely in the skeletal muscles and is needed for a number of important functions in the body. These include the production of antioxidant enzymes and selenoproteins, which can help to fight off free radicals. It is also needed to support the thyroid, and boost immune function. It's only needed in small doses, but many people are deficient, which is where supplementation can be incredibly useful.

    The health benefits of selenium

    Selenium is a precursor to antioxidant production and can help protect cells from oxidative stress - boosting your immune system to help overcome stress and prevent injury or illness. It also has a role in aiding glucose metabolism by acting as a mimetic of insulin, improving blood sugar levels, and energy maintenance. Furthermore, a number of encouraging studies have been carried out on its application as an effective testosterone and fertility boosting compound.

    Innermost Thoughts

    Selenium is a dietary mineral required by your body for many different bodily functions. It can help in the fight against the negative effects of physical and mental stress, and research suggests it can help boost testosterone levels helping encourage muscle growth. Those who lead a stressful life, either in terms of work or exercise, can benefit from taking a little extra. In fact, most of us can benefit from this mineral as it can help our bodies to fight off free radicals and promote our general health. Selenium is one of the ingredients in The Recover Capsules, which is recommended for those looking for muscle and strength gains.


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