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  • Intermittent Fasting Email Course

    29th May 2020

    Intermittent Fasting Email Course

    29th May 2020

    By Innermost


    Because you could unlock a stream of health benefits. 

    Welcome to our email course on Intermittent Fasting. Sign up below to get started. 

    This email course is guest-edited by Drew Price BSc MSc, a nutritionist, clinician, coach, consultant, and author of The DODO Diet.

    Over 5 daily emails, we’ll present the fundamentals of why we eat, what happens to the body during the fasted state, the growing body of research on the health benefits associated with intermittent fasting, and practical tips to introduce it into your lifestyle. 

    Topics covered:

    Day 1. Introduction to intermittent fasting. 
    Day 2. How does it work: the fed versus fasted state.
    Day 3. The reported health benefits of intermittent fasting.
    Day 4. The various types of intermittent fasting to suit your lifestyle.
    Day 5. Summary and practical tips to getting started.

    Over the course of these emails, each 800-1000 words in length, you'll receive easily digestible (excuse the pun) insights and practical tips, all based on scientific study and research. We've really enjoyed putting this course together and hope you gain just as much enjoyment from reading it. 

    By signing up you’ll also join the Innermost community and will receive the occasional email that we think you'll find useful. You'll also receive a code that you can use for your first purchase. After signing up below, please check your junk folder if you don’t get an email within a few minutes and be sure to and add us to your safe sender list.


    • I am ready to try this.

      Dawn Struble on

    • Let s do this

      Steve on

    • I definitely would like more info about this. I am ready to start the next phase of life. Lost my husband of 47byears this year. Teying to be the best me!! Thanku

      Linda Nervi on

    • Let’s try it!

      Patrick Costello on

    • Thanks

      Ronnie Talbott on

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