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  • 6 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy On Holiday

    18th August 2020

    6 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy On Holiday

    18th August 2020

    By Allison Strang


    Because a healthy mind and body can help you make the most out of your holiday.

    With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, making holiday plans seems a bit more realistic. So whether you're heading abroad or opting for a staycation close to home, it’s time to get the suitcase out, grab your sun cream, and clear the diary for a weekend getaway. We all know the excitement of researching where you’re going and what you’re going to do, but it’s not only important to just sort out your agenda for the holiday. It’s also smart to think about ways to keep fit and healthy while you're there, so you can truly get the most out of your days away from home.

    If you're wondering how you can stay on track, follow these simple steps below.

    1. Don’t skip breakfast

    We’ve all been told a million times; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s recommended that your breakfast should contribute around 25% to your daily energy. And that omelette becomes a million times more vital to your body’s health when you have a long day in the sun ahead of you. Make sure to eat filling, nutritional foods like avocado, eggs or Greek yogurt to get your morning moving. The beach can wait; a holistic breakfast can’t!

    2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    A change in diet and climate can have more of an effect on your body than you realise, including draining your fluids more quickly than usual. Dehydration would be the ultimate dampener on your plans if you forget to refuel your body properly. If you’re feeling dizzy or overtired, it could be a sign that you need some H2O. While you're on holiday, it can be easy to forget your reusable water bottle, but do your best to remember to hydrate. Keep some water nearby at all times! Don’t sweat it.

    3. Pack helpful supplements

    Sometimes you gotta get that extra nutritional boost. The need for protein, minerals and vitamins is even more crucial when you’re on holiday. Look, we know it’s impossible to lug a massive bag of protein around in your carry-on. Luckily, The Protein Travel Kits come in seven single-serve pouches so that you won’t be missing your Innermost fix. Make sure you pack your Innermost Shaker Bottle too, so that you’ll be able to refresh poolside with a cool, smooth chocolate protein shake.

    4. Get moving

    Pack those trainers! It’s very tempting to utilise those days off as total rest days, but isn’t the whole point of a holiday to improve your mood and come back feeling better than ever? Exercise is an easy way to get those endorphins going, making you feel happier and more positive. Getting a couple of training sessions in can make that happen. Reportedly, only 43% of people from England think exercising while on holiday is important. But don't miss out on an easy pick-me-up! Take advantage of that hotel gym, take a scenic hike, or go on a long beach walk. It's that simple.

    5. Choose where you eat wisely

    While it’s always exciting to hit all of the restaurant hot spots when you’re on holiday, sometimes it’s easy to get carried away. Not only will planning your meals help you pick places with healthier options, but it will help you save some money if you know what you’re getting into before you chow down. You can always do a quick Google search to figure out where to go, and don’t forget to check out Instagram for some eating out inspo too. And remember that sometimes the spots that have the most tourist attraction don't actually have the best food.

    6. Allow yourself a lie-in or two

    Often on a getaway, you can find yourself having the busiest days from dawn ‘til dusk so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun. While it’s great to take advantage of all the activities that you haven’t been able to enjoy at home, it’s also a good idea to get a good night’s sleep so that you are well rested and ready to go. So turn your alarm off, have a proper snooze and wake up naturally as a whole new person. Remember, one or two late mornings won’t hurt your holiday.

    Time to get packed! Make sure you’ve got your trainers, supplements and a good idea of where you’re going to eat. And don’t forget your healthy holiday hacks so that your days away are the best that they can be. If you try any of these top tips out, let us know in the comments below.


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