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We've Created The Perfect Full Body Summer Workout

6th July 2021

6th July 2021

By Caitlin Bell

With so much going on around the world at the moment, it’s easy to forget that summer is in full force. This is typically the time when people are thinking about kicking off a new fitness regime or are motivated to tackle that body transformation they’ve been putting off throughout the winter.

With working from home now increasingly the norm, it can feel all that more difficult to get up and out to the gym nowadays. The good news is, you don't have to, with home workouts gaining new wind as one of the most popular ways to exercise.

Just 30 minutes of exercise can make a significant difference to your day. It is never too late to turn the extra time at home into an opportunity to live a little better - and it's possible to get that complete body workout in whilst at home, too.

To help get you started, we've joined forces with the team at Fitwell to put together a full-body home workout that will clear your head, burn some calories and target all the major muscle groups

Summer Fitness Workout:

Follow the below steps to smash your home workout and get a great full body workout in wherever you are. 

Duration: 20–25 mins

Type: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Difficulty: Intermediate (adjust reps & duration for a lighter/heavier workout)

Repeat: Start with the warm up. Complete the workout 3x with 60-second rest between rounds.

Warm Up:

Running In Place: 40 seconds. Start slow and build speed.



Jumping Jacks: 40 seconds. Try to stay light and springy on your feet.



High Knee Run: 40 seconds. At the end of the set, make sure your knees are coming up as high as at the beginning.  




Repeat 3 times with 60-second break in between.

Squats (with optional dumbbell): 40 seconds. Keep your chest tall and your knees  over your toes throughout.



Bicep Curl to Press: 40 seconds. Control the descent on these, don’t just drop the weights! 



Mountain Climbers: 40 seconds. Your hips and shoulders should be roughly level when you’re doing this exercise. 



Alternate Bicycle Crunches: 30 seconds. Make sure you keep your lower back on the floor the whole time. Also, relax your neck muscles - push up from your chest and shoulders instead. 



Burpees: 10 repetitions. The faster you do them, the faster you’ll be free to enjoy that post-workout glow. 




If you liked this workout and would like even more ideas and guidance from your own on-demand fitness trainer, then download the Fitwell app and try one of their Premium packages. If you need the tools to get on your way and maximise this total body workout, check out The Lean Protein. 

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