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The Boxing HIIT Workout

31st March 2020

31st March 2020

By Caitlin Bell

For a complete mind and body workout, look no further. Boxing has become the new fashionable workout, with people swearing by their fat-burning sessions. Not only is it a strength and cardio workout all in one, it’s one of the best ways to unleash your inner badass. Alireza Ghadiri, a.k.a Razor Ali, is a professional featherweight boxer born and raised in Iran but now boxing professionally out of London. Our guy hit us up with an intense boxing drills workout to help you get into fighting shape too. Stick a killer playlist on and let's get going.

There are two ways you can complete this workout.

Option 1

Complete it in rounds, performing each set for 30s, resting for 10-30s and moving on to the next set. Do this four to five times.

Beginner: 30s on / 30s rest
Intermediate: 30s on / 20s rest
Advanced: 30s on / 10s rest

Options 2

Perform all 4 sets continuously, with 15 reps of each set, then resting for 60 seconds at the end of the circuit. Do this four times.

Before you throw a punch, make sure you’ve got your fighting stance nailed. If you’re right-handed, your left shoulder should always be facing the “opponent” and vice versa. Stand with your feet just shoulder-width apart and bend your legs at the knee a little. 

Warm Up: Start with 15 star jumps, 30s high knees, 15 arm circles. Repeat these exercises twice.

Exercise 1: LRLR Straight, L Hook, R Cross

Bring your fists up in front of your face and hit forward: left, right, left, right. Bring your right arm back and go in with a right hook, and then, pretending like you’re hitting the left of the punching bag with your right hand, punch with a right cross. 

Exercise 2: LR Straight, Duck, R Straight, L Hook, R Cross

Bring your hands back to your chest. Now hit left, right straight, duck from your imaginary opponent, another right straight and then go into a left hook, finishing off with a right cross again. 

Exercise 3: Skip 5s left leg, 5s right leg, 5s fast

Ramp up the fat-burning and grab a skipping rope, skipping 5 seconds on your left leg only then 5 seconds on your right. Then, quick into 5 seconds as fast as you can go. Get sweaty!

Exercise 4: Ab Crunches 3x left arm to right leg, 3x right arm to left leg, 3x both arms both legs 

Get ready to feel the burn...it’s crunch time. Jump down onto the floor and lay flat on your back. Touch your right arm to your left foot 3 times and repeat with your left arm and right foot. Bring your knees up and go straight into 3 crunches, then extend your feet to the ceiling and reach out to touch your toes 3 times again. 

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