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5 Tips To Improve Your Run With Lorna Jane

8th November 2018

8th November 2018

By Shivraj Bassi

If you’re looking to start or continue with running as a form of exercise, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the edge of death, you should check out the 5 tips below on how to improve your run. They were put together by our friends over at Lorna Jane and could help you make your runs that much more enjoyable.

Food for fuel and energy

A successful run depends more on just your physical training but also what you’re putting into your body. Food is fuel and will impact the amount of energy your body releases for optimum performance. Make sure to consume a good source of low-GI carbohydrate in every meal as it is easily digested and provides long lasting energy you’ll need on runs. Examples of these foods include bananas, oats, sweet potato and wholegrain pasta and breads. 

Your core

A strong core is essential for all runners as it helps with stability, control, balance, posture and speed. This also helps to prevent a number of running related injuries including those in the hips, pelvis and knees. Having a strong core essentially sets a solid foundation for the rest of your body and aids good form. Proper posture will let you run faster, harder and longer. 

Strengthen your ankles 

As a runner your feet play a major role and so does the value of your ankles for peak performance. It is important to maintain strong and healthy ankles to avoid joint aches and pains or sprains. Incorporating ankle strengthening exercises to your regime such as calf raises, single leg hops or three-point lunges will be a good start.

Invest in proper activewear

Wearing the correct activewear should be high priority when running. Wearing the wrong type or old running shoes could potentially lead to foot injuries. If you are serious about running, we would recommend visiting a specialty store that deals with different types of running shoes. Dressing for comfort, performance and weather will make the experience much more enjoyable. You can shop Lorna Jane’s run wear collection here. Use the code INNERMOST20 at checkout to receive 20% off.

Set goals and track progress 

Setting goals and tracking progress is a great way to stay motivated. It allows you to see and visualise how far you have come and where you aim to be. When choosing a running goal, make sure it is achievable so you don’t become disheartened. Start with small goals, work your way up to the top and most importantly keep yourself accountable. This means being consistent with your training, so you can only get better.

For more workout tips, recipes, inspiration and all things health and wellness, visit movenourishbelieve.com.

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