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4 Ways To Cope Under Pressure

2nd September 2016

4 Ways To Cope Under Pressure

2nd September 2016

By Shivraj Bassi

The stress of modern life is hard to avoid no matter how much we try. Because we can find ourselves in pressure situations all too often it’s important to find ways to cope, and restore your internal calm and balance. Here are four scientifically proven ways that can help get some zen back in your life:

1. Pressure as an opportunity

Instead of seeing pressure as a threat, look at it as an opportunity to challenge yourself. When you reframe the pressure of a situation as a challenge, it can change the way you react and the way you feel as a result. This can help you to find the motivation and the energy to do your best, and move past the situation.

2. Affirmations

Used by high-level sportsmen/women, it’s a practice that can give you release when you need it most. Try standing in front of a mirror or closing your eyes and going through all the good things you’ve accomplished. Focus on the positive aspects of your life - friends, family, sports.

3. Visualisations

Also a tactic used by top sportsmen/women, visualise a successful outcome to the thing that’s causing you to get stressed out. Repeat it over a few times or whenever you feel stress levels rising. Doing this can help reduce feelings of anxiety and help you manage the situation better.

4. Diet and breathing

Lay off the double espresso. Reducing your caffeine intake can help by reducing the adrenaline production that caffeine consumption can result in. Also, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 5 minutes – diaphragmatic breathing can help calm the mind by engaging the nervous system. Coping with pressure often comes down to personal perspective and how much importance you place on the task you are facing. However well you perform it, the task isn’t going to affect your worth, or identity. There’ll always be other opportunities. Focus on the good things that are going on around you, and try not to sweat the other stuff.