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  • 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge

    13th April 2017

    Lauren Schramm Skipping|

    13th April 2017

    By Shivraj Bassi

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    Lauren Schramm's 30 Day Jump Rope Challenge

    Anyone that knows me could tell you that I'm not the biggest fan of cardio. I'd much prefer maxing out my deadlift over running a mile any day. Regardless of this preference, I know how important cardiovascular exercise is for overall health so I do my very best to simply minimize my time spent doing CV training. In an effort to improve my efficiency, I've created a 30 day Jump Rope Challenge that you can join me on over the next 30 days! This challenge will not only improve your cardio, it'll help torch calories while building strength in your legs and shoulders.

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    I'll be providing myself with a much-needed energy boost with The Energy Booster pre-workout featuring BCAA's and Vitamin B Complex with less than a gram of sugar in this naturally flavoured pineapple flavoured drink. And by adding The Fit Protein superfood protein blend to my post-workout smoothie bowl, I'll be rehydrating my body, replenishing electrolytes, all while ensuring some lean gains. Go for The Performance Collection and you'll have everything you need for the next 30 days.

    The 30 Day Challenge

    Start: The first thing to do is determine your baseline # of rounds. That is how many rounds of jumping rope you can do before you reach exhaustion - 30 second of jumping rope and 45 seconds of rest is equal to 1 round. Don't push too hard here. Listen to your body.

    Day 1 – Find your baseline # of rounds (30s on/40s rest)
    Day 2-4 – Perform your baseline # of rounds for 40s on/40s rest
    Day 5 - rest
    Days 6-8 – Perform your baseline # of rounds for 40s on/30s rest
    Day 9 - rest
    Days 10-12 - Perform your baseline # of rounds for 50s on/40s rest
    Day 13 - rest
    Days 14+16 - Perform your baseline # of rounds for 50s on/30s rest
    Day 17 - rest
    Days 18-20 - Perform your baseline # of rounds for 60s on/40s rest
    Day 21 - rest
    Days 22-24 - Perform your baseline # of rounds for 60s on/30s rest
    Day 25 - rest
    Days 26-28 - Perform your baseline # of rounds for 60s on/20s rest
    Day 29 - rest
    Day 30 - Moment of truth: retest to find your new maximum # of rounds for 30s on/45s rest.

    Bonus: See if you can beat your original baseline # of rounds but at 60s on/20s off! If you can, you've doubled your work capacity, while cutting your rest by half! Not bad for 30 days work.


    We want to know how you're doing before, during, and after! So tag @liveinnermost and @laurenschrammfit in your Instagram and/or Facebook posts along with #innermostchallenges. Use my voucher code and post on social media to be eligible to win a prize from Innermost. Best post wins and the greater the participation, the nicer the prize so spread the word. Good luck all!