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  • Effective research-backed ingredients
  • Approved by nutritionists
  • GMO-free, no artificial colours or flavours

What are the best products to take to give me more energy?

We recommend The Fit One (Blend No.2) and The Fit Plus (Booster No.2). These products were developed to assist with improving energy and performance, protecting against fatigue, improving recovery while developing and maintaining muscle. Both are available in The Fit Collection.

The Fit One: Our superfood protein blend developed to nourish and replenish. Contains whey protein (isolate and concentrate), coconut (rehydration), maca (libido), magnesium (muscle contraction), rhodiola root (cognitive function) and pink Himalayan sea salt (rehydration). .

The Fit Plus: Our pre/intra workout booster developed to replenish and energise. Contains BCAA complex in optimal 2:1:1 ratio (muscle growth and recovery), citrulline malate (energy production), maca (libido and vigour), beta alanine (performance), guarana (alertness and mood), caffeine (endurance and fat oxidation) and vitamin B complex (reduce fatigue).