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pascale falempin does pilates for innermost

Pascale Falempin / Q&A

Pascale trained in ballet before falling in love with Pilates. Today she’s London-based and helps people live their lives to the fullest through her work as a Pilates teacher. She sat down with Innermost to share the best fitness advice she’s received and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

“I was born in Corsica and lucky to grow up in the sun in a place where a healthy diet and fitness were a natural way of life. Dance was my first passion and after training as a ballet and contemporary dancer, I came across Pilates. The focus of Pilates is the mind-body awareness stemming from your core, and how this helps in everyday life. It works on the body’s alignment, improves posture and helps rehab from injuries. Through my work as a Pilates teacher, I help others use Pilates to live their lives to the fullest. Along with understanding the role nutrition plays in true health, I’m a believer in physical fitness being a prerequisite of happiness. That’s what Pilates is all about! Try a few classes. It may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!” – Pascale

Q1: Favourite Innermost Blend & Booster?

Blend: The Fit One (Blend No.2). Post-workout to replenish and renergise. Potassium from coconut and sodium from pink Himalayan sea salt help rebalance electrolytes lost after a sweaty session.
Booster: The Health Plus (Booster No.3). Every ingredient is functional and serves a purpose. It’s totally natural too, which I’m always a fan of.

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The Fit One        The Health Plus

Q2: What’s your hustle?

I love teaching Pilates. My first love was dance and I’m very passionate about movement in general. I’m very grateful that I have the opportunity to use movement in my daily routine to connect with people and share what I know in order to help them lead a more self-conscious and healthy lives.

Q3: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I do Pilates every day – Mat and Reformer. Twice a week I do a good sweaty cardio/HIIT workout and some body conditioning. I also eat healthy – lots of vegetables, grains and fish. This doesn’t mean that I never eat cake – I wish!

Q4: Best health/fitness advice you’ve been given?

Diversify your workout! Don’t get stuck in a routine, change it up! You’ll keep it fun, work muscles in a different way and never get bored.

Q5: Usual breakfast?

Hot lemon water to start, then a banana with porridge/muesli and almond milk. That sounds healthy right?

Q6: Biggest health vice?

It’d have to be cheese! Especially Corsican cheese. I like to try to convince myself that it’s healthier in a way (it’s not!).

Q7: Your last workout?

Dynamic Reformer Pilates. I felt so energised after… and in agony when I woke up the next day!

Q8: Three things on your bucket list?

Travel through South America! I’d use all my 3 wishes for that.

Q9: Favourite inspirational quote/words?

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joseph H. Pilates

You can find Pascale stretching, moving and flexing on Instagram (@powerhouse.milano).