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10 Commandments Of Injury Prevention

Most sports injuries are from overuse and can become chronic. Although it can seem like injuries are a part and parcel of working out regularly, most are preventable. If you’re keen to train, but don’t want to have to worry about injury set-backs then in addition to a healthy balanced diet with lots of high quality protein, follow these 10 commandments of injury prevention:

Commandment 1:

Vary up your training. Work out on different surfaces like on the grass as well as in the gym, and do lots of different exercises. It’ll keep your muscles challenged, but prevent you from over-working any.

Commandment 2:

Get advice from a doctor or sports medicine expert before you start a new exercise program. Especially if you have back pain, a pre-existing injury or illness, or if you’ve just had a baby.

Commandment 3:

Wear good shoes. Not just ones that look good. Chose ones that suits your needs and that can give you some support and protection. Ask in a sports shop for help if you aren’t sure.

Commandment 4:

Take rest days and give yourself time to recover. Rest allows your muscles to build so you can keep working hard.

Commandment 5:

Stretch regularly and correctly to keep your muscles flexible and prevent strains.

Commandment 6:

Never train through pain, or wait and see if an injury goes away. Get seen and get sorted.

Commandment 7:

Don’t increase workout intensity too much too quickly. If you’re running don’t add more than 10% per week in time or distance.

Commandment 8:

Warm up and start slowly. Then always end with some stretches. Your muscles need to wake up before you train and then relax once you’ve finished.

Commandment 9:

Get regular sports massages or use a foam roller. Always work towards the heart, and use firm smooth motions if you’re going for the DIY option.

Commandment 10:

Incorporate strength training into your workout routine. Adding two resistance sessions per week can help to increase strength and prevent injuries. Weight training is also a great way to tone and burn fat.

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